Who We Are

The company was established on 5 April 2000 with the first name given was Langkah Edisi Sdn Bhd and was registered under the companies Act, 1965; section 16 (4). About three years later, under the companies Act 1965; Section 154(1) and 21(1), the name changes to VSD Automation Sdn Bhd on May 20, 2003 with a new organization and new missions. VSD Automation Sdn Bhd has moved several times to find a more strategic place in purpose, conducive condition and progress of the company itself. Now, it is located at Bukit Rimau, Shah Alam, Selangor.

VSD Automation Sdn Bhd is a Bumiputra company established in 2005 providing services to the construction industry in the Electrical & Electronic Engineering business sector. Due to our small and flexible organization, we always manage to magnify our customers wishes concerning the product development or product customization

The company has always emphasized on creating proficiency and aptitude within the company, parallel with understanding its customer requirement and specifications, fulfilling the same at its most competency and professionally. Our expertise within the engineering industry enlists us as the preferred choice by customer in terms of experiences and skill equipped to undertake the necessary engineering tasks.

VSD AUTOMATION SDN BHD has all the criteria to be a leader in its own league as its equipped with wealth of knowledge, having a pool of well trained and highly motivated personnel. Whilst having all this quality, VSD Automation also have a good track record, well financial strength and an ambitious management. It is poised to scale to greater heights and well-driven to be an international company in the future.